We have a fantastic group of artists for the 27th Annual Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon

Lee Kernaghan

Lee has sold over two million albums in Australia with releases including Outback Club ……

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The Wolfe Bros.

The band continues to ride the wave that started for them in mid-2012 when they captured the attention of….

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Graeme Hugo

Graeme began his music career in the Country Music Industry back in 1972 at the age of 18 and has continued……

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Matt James

Matt James is an award winning Country, Rock and Pop musician. Influenced by the likes of ….

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Gavin Chandler

Gavin is a great sound man. He has had his equipment up at many festivals including …..

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Rodney Vincent

Rodney Vincent’s reputation for being a genuine all round entertainer has been exemplified in recent years by …..

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Fine Form

Their talents don’t go unnoticed throughout the industry – they are regularly sought upon as ….

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Chris Matthews

Well known for his epic 3-4 hour sets, a gargantuan stage presence, and a dexterity on the fretboard …..

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Trevor Philbey

His love of music and the guitar in particular drives him to achieve a sound which is distinctly his own …..

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Kiara Rodrigues

Her compelling tones and vibrant personality leave her audiences mesmerised …..

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Angela Easson

Blitzing Australia’s modern country scene with her hard-earned reputation for mixing infectious melodies with ……

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Sandra Humphries

The moment that Sandra Humphries opens her mouth and sings, you know that …….

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Tim Farren & Band

What makes Tim Farren stand out from the new wave of talent in Australian country music is….

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"It's all the about music..."


16th, 17th, 18th February 2018


This will be our 27th Annual Music Marathon!

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